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Is MVG getting too big for his darts shoes?

BetVictor World Matchplay Day 6 and 7

Posted: 28.07.17 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

Is MVG getting too big for his darts shoes?

We have actually got our own bit of PDC news today! We applied to the Darts Regulation Authority (DRA) to become a DRA Registered Agent. The DRA are an independent organisation that was set up to oversee the sport of darts and to ensure that it was run fairly, correctly and professionally.

The DRA are the organisation that hand out any fines or bans to players who are in breach of the rules, they operate the drug testing at events and investigate any suspicion of corruption in the game. They also manage the Agent side of the game too, again to ensure that all agents operating in the game are acting in a legitimate fashion and treating their players fairly.

I (Paul Gillings) had a letter today saying that my application had been approved. The reason for my application was because of the agreement we have with Diogo Portela to extend our role from video coaching and kit sponsor to a full management agreement. Any person or company in a management role is bound to apply for accreditation.

The timing is good too, this week is coinciding with the Matchplay of course and we have witnessed a few players who have had to fight their way up the rankings, just as Diogo hopes to do over the next few years! Rob Cross is a good example although he has “fast tracked” himself to a high ranking spot.

Better examples are Darren Webster and Daryl Gurney. Both have fought their way in to the Top 32 and both did well this week. Webster went out last night to Wright and Gurney beat Suljovic . Both Super Chin and the Demolition Man are great role models for all PDC players who are starting their journey or in the early stages of it – the message I think to take from these two is never, ever give up!

Daryl Gurney 16-13 Mensur Suljovic
Darren Webster 12-16 Peter Wright

We Brits are terrible, apparently, when someone is super successful. We are with them on the journey, whether this is business or sport but once they get there and start letitng us know about it we can’t wait to try and knock them down again. This is the opposite to our friends in the USA (apparently) who just love a winner!

My point you ask? MGV! We all loved it when he came along and with a few strokes of his magical right arm put Phil Taylor on the canvas and the days of The Power waltzing off with every darts trophy available were over. However, MVG was “caught” signing autographs at the first break in his game V Bunty this week, a little cheeky. Now we hear Michael texted his buddy Vincent saying “Bye bye Whitlock” at one of the breaks in that game.

Well if I was MVG’s duly appointed Registered Agent I would be trying to calm down this streak of self-confidence. A belief in your ability is a very healthy thing but there are ways of demonstrating this without the need to be in any way detrimental to your opponent or lose the support of your fans!

Alan Norris v Adrian Lewis
Michael van Gerwen v Phil Taylor

Norris v Lewis should be a cracker. These are two of my favourite players. Alan has come thorough the best darts education out there, The BDO and is now finding his feet against the world elite. I think he can win this too.

MVG will probably end the Taylor dream, with something to spare. If he starts texting his mates or signing autographs though during the match Taylor may put him on the canvas!

It should be a good night!


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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