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Coaching Clinic 65

Posted: 07.07.17 in Coaching Clinic Blog category

What bits of the Pro's game would you like in your game?

Peter “Snakebite” Wright told us when being interviewed on Sky after landing the UK Open in Minehead  that he had been studying his rivals and trying to mimic the aspects of their game he admired, thus making him a better player.

We have touched on this “Perfect Player” idea before but just say you were given a darting magic wand then these are my list of players and their attributes I most admire:

Pre-Throw Routine (setting yourself to throw) – The Power – He is patient and methodical. He sets up the same each time, ensures that everything is in place before he even considers throwing the dart.

Aiming – Two contenders here. Gary Anderson of course. Straight back to the eye and then he fires. I also admired how he worked out how to carry on with this successful part of his technique after requiring glasses whilst playing. Another great example is the The Viking.  My memory was jolted after watching him come so close to winning the Isle of Man Open a while ago. He has an excellent back to the eye technique too.

Photo Courtesy of DG Media

Elbow – One of the biggest issues we see with players is the elbow dropping prior/during release or shooting skywards. There could of course be many contenders for this but if you  are trying to correct this with your own technique then Adrian Lewis is a great example. I love the deliberate almost mechanical way he sets up his arm to throw. This deliberate motion can really help if you are trying to perfect this technique.

Muscle Memory – The ability to put the dart in the right place without thinking about it. Only one man for the job here, MVG. He is unbelievable, he leans, doesn’t appear to aim and then hurls it in the 60! How do you develop this? Practice, practice, practice and then do some practice!

Release – Two contenders again for me. John Lowe and Barney. No effort, no jarring or jolts, just a silky smooth effortless action that sets the dart on its way.

Counting – Simon Whitlock is a brilliant counter. He fires the darts all round the board and whilst you’re scratching your head the score board flashes up with the gettable finish he has left himself. Another one for you to debate is Terry Jenkins. He is under-rated in this department but knows his way around the board too.

Board Management – By this we mean who can keep their head in the midst of battle and stick to their game plan when things are tough?  I have to go for John Part here. The main reason is due to the insight he dishes out during commentary reflecting on what would be going through his mind if he was playing at the time. He notes the psychological highs and lows of an opponent depending on what they have just done or what has just been done to them. He also has a strategy to deal with any scenario that presents itself.

Walk-On - Come on you're not going to get anywhere in darts without a decent walk on are you? I’m joking of course but despite the huge prize money on offer darts is still a fantastically fun and sociable sport to be involved with.  A very subjective matter of course which is why I am having 3 for my list! The Silverback, The Dazzler and Barney!

Photo Courtesy of DG Media


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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