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We have had some feedback on our new darts!

Classic Performance Darts

Posted: 25.05.16 in Darts Product Reviews category

We have had some feedback on our new darts!

We have had some fantastic feedback over the years for all of our Performance Darts. It is always great to hear what grassroots darts players think of our darts and it is also useful for anyone contemplating giving them a go.

Our latest darts – The Classic Performance darts are no exception. We have had some really positive comments about them. Here are two players that bought the darts and let us know their thoughts. First up is Jim, he had a set of 24g from us and this is what he thought:

DPC CLASSIC DARTS- The darts straight out the envelope look really nice, it is a classic shape, look really good with the silver ally stems.

So to the board...The darts have micro-grip on the back and the nose, they also have micro-gripped rings in the middle of the barrel. The grip is not over aggressive, just really firm in the hand, nice feel.

Within the 1st half an hour out of the packaging...3x180`s, 6x140`s and a handful of 100`s. They just seem to fly really nice, my throw is like an elephant doing needle point, not pretty!!

I found that if you have a loopy or nice arc to your throw these darts go great and are easy to get along with. Another go at the board...2xbulls & a 25,2x in double 16, Shanghai on 18`s,2x in tops so they also group well.

They are a great dart, the more you throw them, the more they feel like your darts.

FINAL THOUGHTS: These darts are pocket rockets...nice classic looks, really well balanced & a great grip. Well think on this, if you like Taylor Phase 5 or John Lowes, you will love these and with 19 world titles between them maybe there is something that’s just right with this shape of dart.

Yet another great dart from the darts performance centre.

Cheers Jim, great write up!

Our next review is from Snowy Dyson. Snowy plays on the WDDA tour and was introduced to the Classic Darts by our friend David Gill. David is the official BDO photographer and has also started playing the WDDA tour.

Snowy messaged me to give me an update:

The Classic darts I got are fantastic to play with as I'm hitting 7 to 10 tons a match & hitting ton + checkouts, as I play 3 times a week now soon to be 4.

They are just so comfortable in the hand when throwing them and they just seem to go where you want them.

 I've never been so happy with a set of darts then I am with these so natural thank you again Paul

Wow, thanks Snowy-some great feedback there. Check out the Classic Performance Darts here:

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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