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Are you the type of darts player that beats yourself up after every bad shot. You

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Posted: 25.02.16 in Coaching Clinic Blog category

Are you the type of darts player that beats yourself up after every bad shot. You'd best read this then!

There are a couple of things to tell you about this blog. This was first published in the January edition of Darts World, hence the reference to the PDC World Championship and Lakeside.

Secondly I had a couple of players down for a video analysis session and one of them was telling me how he beats himself up if he hits a poor score. I grabbed the DPC Philosophy poster (which is what this blog is about) and started reading it to him. 

He said yes I know, he (pointing at his mate) has this pinned by his dartbaord. I love tales like that, it first of all makes us proud to think of our posters pinned next to dartboards all over the globe. Most importantly though it shows "grass roots" players like you believe in the principles. Anyway, have a read and see what you think!

It’s the New Year! The PDC World Championship is reaching its climax but the good news is we have a whole week of Lakeside to look forward to! Two World Champions will start their year in the best possible way. How will your 2016 darts start and more importantly can you play well through the whole of 2016?

Some of us have already discovered that paying your monthly subscription to the gym and then not going along only knocks pounds off your bank balance and not from your waist. It is the same with your darts. Darting resolutions are the first step and then actions speak louder than words.

So we are going to help you with the first step. We are not going to get you to promise to practise more or ask you to seek out the latest gimmick app or Facebook page that will turn you into a World beater.  No, here is The Darts Performance Centre philosophy for you to carry into 2016 and more importantly to act upon.

Success Will Come From Persistently Doing The Right Thing

By this we mean don’t harm your chances of winning – Arrive with time to spare to prepare, don’t drink too much no matter what number game you are on, go through your pre-throw routine (more of that later) and stay focused and calm through the whole game.

I Will Believe In Myself In Practice And In Matches So I Can Play Freely

Don’t beat yourself up if things start going wrong, keep the faith.

I Will Execute My Pre Throw Routine Every Shot

Just like a golfer get yourself set in the same place every throw, do whatever it is that makes you feel ready to throw, don’t be rushed and if something goes wrong with your set up, start again.

I Will See Where I Want The Dart To Go Every Throw

We have covered this a few times, visualisation, is the official term. Take a look at our blogs, the skill of visualisation is explained there.

Now my two favourites - I challenge any player that carries the last two parts of our philosophy to the oche not to believe they have improved as a dart player. They are tough to fulfil but are well worth the effort.

I Will Stay In The Present Moment During A Game, I Won’t Speculate In The Middle Of A Match What My Average Is or Whether I Am Going To Win Or Lose. I Will Focus On Each Throw As It Comes And That Will Be The Only Thing I Care About. When It’s Over, I will See How I Did.

And finally

I Will Refuse To Let Anything That Happens On The Oche Today Bother or Upset Me. I Will Accept Bounce Outs, Misses And Mistakes. I Am Going To Be In A Good Mood And A Great State Of Mind For The Whole Match.

I Will Enjoy Playing!

What do you think? Don’t dismiss it as a bit “tree hugging” for you. You would have heard from Rodders and his merry gang during the World Championships that the key to darts success is what goes on in the mind. This is your chance to prove it. Happy New Year

(You can download a free poster of our philosophy by registering at www.dartsperformancecentre.com or email paul@dartsperformancecentre.com)

Philosophy photo courtesy of Stuart Miles/www.freedigitalphotos.net 


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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