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We welcome back AJ, Anthony Urmston-Toft with his thoughts on Lakeside!

Lakeside Day 1

Posted: 02.01.16 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

We welcome back AJ, Anthony Urmston-Toft with his thoughts on Lakeside!

Today is the first day of the BdO world championships. The action starts with Jim Williams vs Tony O'Shea. Williams is the current World Cup singles champion and now with a dart he is comfortable with is playing steadier and more consistent. Tony has had a difficult year with form but this is world championships and Tony brings is A game and sometimes A+. they will be plenty of missed doubles and tense scoring. But,with Jim having a nice holiday being relaxed and full of confidence. He will getover the line, just.

 Next is is current world champion Lisa Ashton vs Lincolnshire's Paula Jacklin. These two met in a county game with Lisa winning with a staggering 95.94 average. She is in form and is the woman to beat and Paula will try hard and may get the odd leg butLisa will be too strong for Paula and Lisa will progress.

 Craig Caldwell v Alan Soutar not having heard of Craig I can't say much of this game. Alan Soutar is a great player and does a lot for the community with his darts schools and events. Alan should win this with his experience but anything cannhappen.

 Last on in the afternoon is Dennis Harbour vs Darryl Fitton. Darryl will be the overwhelming favourite. But pace will be a crucial factor. Dennis plays a deliberatepace, must be a Dennis thing like Priestley. Darryl does prefer a quicker game but experience again will be enough for Darryl. A few tweaks with his darts recently has refocused his game and throw. Darryl will win 3-1 in my opinion expect plenty of180s and some big checkouts as they will be needed to pinch the set.

Author: Anthony Urmston-Toft

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