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Here is our review of the darts and kit we have had in from the latest Winmau release!

The Winmau Launch

Posted: 25.01.16 in Darts Product Reviews category

Here is our review of the darts and kit we have had in from the latest Winmau release!

Winmau made a little more of a “song and dance” of their 2016 catalogue release. That’s fine, Target and Unicorn do the same, so why not Winmau too? So, what did they release?

We have had in:

Scott Waites Signature Darts


They are available in silver or black onyx. Scotty has moved away from the mini scallop effect he had on his previous darts to a straight barrel with rings at the top and bottom but retaining the smooth middle section of the barrel. It is not a particularly “sticky grip” but the deep grooves will aid finger placement. Available in 23g and 25g. £23.49 Silver £27.99 Black Available from the Darts Performance Centre shop!

Scott Mitchell Signature Darts


Scotty lives just up the road from DPC HQ so it is great to be able to offer his darts again since moving next door from Red Dragon to Winmau. Personally I think he should have gone straight after Lakeside but nearly a year on Scott’s darts are available to all.

They are tasty too. They have the black onyx coating Winmau favour and some signature pink and silver rings. Don’t be deceived by the “Scotty Bling”, the silver grip is very sharp and offers a really good sticky grip. There is also a section of micro-grip at the rear of the barrel. Definitely a set to hold first and to see how they suit your finger position. If you can get into our shop you can do that!

Available in 22g and 24g.Price £27.99 Available from the Darts Performance Centre shop!

Simon Whitlock Signature Darts


These have to be one of the most radical changes in kit for a while. Whitlock has moved from his straight barrels to a scalloped set. And if you like scalloped darts you will love these. The front of the dart is fairly bulbous but does taper in at the bottom so that will help your grouping. The pockets of grip are on the lower part of the barrel are quite mild but there is a nice grippy section at the rear of the barrel that is more severe. This should assist in getting a clean release of the dart.

I realise this dart isn’t going to be for everyone but hats off to Winmau and Whitlock for the design.

Available in 22g and 24g. £23.49 Available from the Darts Performance Centre shop!

We also have the Gold plated version to the new Simon Whitlock darts in now too!

Available in 22g and 24g. £33.99 from the Darts Performance Centre shop!



The ubiquitous bomb shaped dart gets a makeover from Winmau. They have a blue titanium nitrode clothing and look stunning.  The rings have a nice spiky feel and any Phase 5 fans may well like to try these. Available I 23g and 25g £38.99 Availabe from the Darts Performance Centre shop!

Light Pods

You get two light pods in a pack. The LED casing has three small magnets on the back that attach to the metal ring of the dartboard. You can still get a ring over the top too. We posted some photos up which got a mixed reception. Personally I thought the light coverage was fine but players were concerned about shadows on the board. I have taken some photos with 2 and 4 pods on and a short video. £24.00 Availabe from the Darts Performance Centre shop.

 You can watch the video here on our YouTube channel



2 Pods on and 4 pods on


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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