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We have reached our 3rd birthday for our coaching night!

2015 Coaching Night and Members Tournament

Posted: 05.11.15 in Coaching Night and Members Tournament category

We have reached our 3rd birthday for our coaching night!



Wow, we have made it to three years of coaching nights! Last year was a brilliant night, we had a few more people along, including some guests. Aidan demonstrated some of the practice games from the coaching book we produced between us and Matt (sports psychologist) put on what I thought was an excellent session on focus and how to maintain it.

The members' tournament was a close run affair – Aidan pipping Double Top Dave to the title and Colin Littlecott won the Guests event. The food was good and we had time for a drink and err, a dance afterwards and it turned out to be a memorable night!

With this winning formula in mind why change it? We have invited Matt for another Sports Psychology session and we're working on the supplementary session at the moment.Matt has titled his spot - Fear - Use It Or Lose It and will focus on the biggest issue known to dart players, nerves and how to use them to your advantage. A must go coaching session I am sure you will agree!

One thing I would really like to ensure we do this year is get everyone throwing on video. Perhaps not for an in- depth technique analysis just before two tournaments, but something we can look at in the weeks after the coaching night and The New Forest Masters.

Our members are spread all over the world and Del flies in from Canada and Aidan from Ireland. We are hoping to welcome one of our members from Scotland this year. In some ways the event has turned into a reunion for like-minded dart players and I urge all members and non-members who can get down here to try to get along. It is a great experience on a number of levels.

We would also welcome any guests that would like to come along. At £10, for the advice you will pick up it is a bargain. Tickets are limited for guests so book as soon as you can.

The following day we hold our tournament The New Forest Masters. So coaching one night and a tournament the next day!

Chris, Angela, myself and all the New Forest Masters team look forward to welcoming you for another great event, on Friday and Saturday! See you in November!

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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