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We continue our practice ideas for you and look at sharpening up your power scoring!

Coaching Clinic 43

Posted: 16.02.15 in Coaching Clinic Blog category

We continue our practice ideas for you and look at sharpening up your power scoring!


Practice with no Plan…

Is a plan for no practice! One of the first things any coach learns, no matter what sport they are coaching is the benefit of having a plan for the session they are taking. A football coach for example will start with a topic-say shooting. Then straight from the warm up, all the activities, games and focus will centre on this topic.

There is no reason for your darts practice to be any different. So let’s start with Power Shooting.  Pop that at the top of your paper or notebook (I know you have them out ready to go) and then add some games focusing on scoring as many points as possible! For example:

Warm Up:

30 darts at Treble 20

30 darts at Treble 19

30 darts at Treble 18

Game 1 - Total 20’s

Mark 1-10 on your sheet of paper. This is how many turns you will have! The aim is to hit as many 20’s as you can. Throw 3 darts at T20 and as long as you hit either the single, double or treble (or a combination) with your 3 darts your turn continues! Add up your score as you go and your turn ends when one of your darts doesn’t land in the 20! Write your total score down in box 1 and go again!

You are practising throwing straight. You are practising grouping your darts and on the occasions when the T20 is blocked you are practising going for the fat number which is vital when you are closing out a leg!

Game 2  - Run For Cover

Same again then, 1-10 on a piece of paper. This time go for two Treble 20’s and with your third dart switch to T19. Add up your score and put it in box 1. If you hit the T19 give yourself a star too. Do this 10 times. You now have a points tally and star tally to beat next time.

Next it is the 18’s. So two at T20 then run for cover on the 18’s. Same scoring system, total points score and stars for each time you hit the T18.

Then 17’s. Two at T20 and then down for the 17’s. Total points and how many stars you have. You may discover you are stronger at one particular combo than another. To finish off whichever is your lowest star count, play that combo 10 more times!

Match at the End

You have to have a match at the end! Mark 1-10 on your sheet. Start at 501 and keep track of your score (and the number of darts thrown). The game ends when you reach 170 or fewer (providing you are not on a bogey number! Jot down the number of darts it has taken you to get on a finish and go again. This will give you a realistic assessment of your power scoring ability and some targets to beat next time.

Peter Sajwani

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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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