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Peter Sajwani Exhibition

Posted: 14.03.15 in Peter Sajwani category

Peter's first exhibition and the launch of his new signature darts!

We are very proud to announce a great night of entertainment with our Darts Performance Centre player, Peter “Chatterbox” Sajwani. Peter is coming to the UK for the World Trophy to play Wesley Harms on Thursday 26 February.

But, before that Peter has another important date, his first ever exhibition night as well as the launch of his signature darts! The night to stick in your diary is Tuesday 24 February!

We are holding the night in a very popular darts venue, The Kasbah Club in Boscombe, near Bournemouth. Tickets are available now (there is only a limited number so get them ordered now!) They are available from our online shop here, our darts shop in New Milton (or phone 01425 620900) and at The Kasbah.

Ticket price is just £5. This includes a buffet and a raffle ticket with the prize of a chance to play The Chatterbox on the night. You can try out Peter’s new darts and we have a bit of karaoke for you too! It’s going to be fun!

Get your tickets organised and we will see you on Tuesday 24 February for a great night of darts, singing and fun!

Visit the Facebook event page here!


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