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Mario Balotelli eat your heart out, darts has social media hissy fits too!

PDC World Championships Day/Night 4

Posted: 21.12.14 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

Mario Balotelli eat your heart out, darts has social media hissy fits too!

Another cracking day and night at the Ally Pally. The PDC asked SuperMario to step aside as poor old Justin Pipe copped some stick on social media due to the pace he has chosen to play the game. Amongst the top comments were “I’ve seen Hobbit movies faster than a Justin Pipe game” “snore off Justin” and “my Granny plays faster than Pipe”.

Now, bearing in mind Justin’s former career was as a cage fighter any idea what his reaction was on Twitter? He posted a middle finger salute to his detractors and removed himself from Twitter! Hmm, maybe that’s why he’s not a cage fighter any more, you couldn’t make it up could you?

There are many hurdles a dart player has to negotiate to get to the top of the game, it is important to remember they don't always appear on the oche. The only thing I can suggest to Justin is to remember the snooker player Steve Davis, he was labelled boring all his career but it didn’t stop him cleverly making it his trademark and ruling his sport of choice!

My other favourite moment was the fake first dart thrown by qualifier Scott Kirchner. He sets himself up on the oche, goes through the motion of chucking the first dart, with all three darts safely in his non-throwing hand before transferring his first dart and throwing for real.

Bristow commented that this was something he did for a while when suffering from dartitis. It helped get his arm moving so he didn’t have any problems with the three darts he actually threw. His style also drew some derisory comments on social media and Anderson was apparently showing signs of annoyance as Kirchner went through his pre-throw routine.

But, if you have a method that works, stick with it, it’s up to everyone else to deal with it!

Sunday December 21
Afternoon Session
12.40pm Paul Nicholson (10/11) v Benito van de Pas (Evens)       
2.15pm Boris Koltsov (13/8) v Haruki Muramatsu (8/13)
3.00pm Mark Webster (2/5) v Ron Meulenkamp (5/2)
4.00pm Dean Winstanley (2/5) v Wayne Jones (9/4)    
5.00pm Kevin Painter (1/4) v Boris Koltsov/Haruki Muramatsu (7/2)

Evening Session
7.10pm Kim Huybrechts (1/4) v Michael Mansell (18/5)
8.15pm Jani Haavisto (8/11) v John Michael (5/4)
9.00pm Dave Chisnall (1/10) v Ryan De Vreede (8/1)
10.00pm James Wade (1/8) v Jamie Lewis (7/1)
11.00pm Ian White (1/4) v Jani Haavisto/John Michael (7/2)

A good array of matches for the “you must be insane backing them at that price to win” award today. Webby 2/5, Huybrechts 1/4 and my favourite Wade 1/8. I will certainly having a look at Ron and Jamie Lewis on the handicap!

Tipster Comp

Oche has surged into a one point lead in our tipping comp! The pivotal game was the Beaton/Kyle Anderson match which Oche B called correctly!

We will be closing the comp for entries very soon. So if you fancy a £10 voucher to use in our online darts shop simply vote Aidan or Oche at @dartscentre or email paul@dartsperformancecentre.com

Picture courtesy of renjith krishnan/www.freedigitalphotos.net


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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