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Aidan makes a welcome return to the blog area and he

Look Who's Back!

Posted: 05.03.14 in Throw Like A Pro Blog category

Aidan makes a welcome return to the blog area and he's gone all philosophical!

"Perfection does not exist in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."

Yes it's a philosophical blog. I apologise in advance!!! And that up there is the first quote that came at me when I googled perfection. Makes sense too! Why google that? Well in this blog I aim to address two issues;

1) My meteoric rise and fall in the world of darts, and

2) Phil Taylor's recent form.

Let's talk about me first. It's been a while since I've penned my tungsten thoughts; too much has happened to encapsulate in one piece but in modest summary; I have improved greatly... Well kind of... A little bit...

I have taken another step on the ladder. Since Christmas my game has turned an encouraging corner. Don't get me wrong, I'm no candidate for PDC newcomer of the year. But I'm steady. Almost rock steady. I am winning more games than I'm losing now. I've probably only lost 3/4 out of my last 12/13 games in league darts.

The importance of confidence can never be underestimated in this game. It's vital. It powers everything. It feeds our ambition. Fuels our motivation. Applauds our dedication. Winning breeds confidence. Confidence breeds winning. It's a viciously welcomed circle!!!

I have been practising a lot. But I have been extremely focussed in that practice; a regimental, routine-based approach which is  paying generous dividends! I'm looking for a few interested players to trial it so get in touch if that's you. Whilst I'm still not guaranteed to perform well (e.g. Last week when I don't think I managed three trebles in two legs of darts) I'm still quietly confident I'm on the right path!

Now for the topical piece. Taylor's turmoils. I think it's crazy. The man hit two 9 darters this year already. Yet he's past it. Whilst he may no longer be elusive, he still holds it. It. Whatever it is.  It brings me back to the quote up the top there. Taylor has always done ordinary things extraordinarily well. Because he's not conscious of his actions.

I imagine Taylor, and indeed all professionals, transcend into a place of peaceful meditation and tranquillity whilst playing. Blissfully unaware of what they are doing. It's just natural.

But having changed his darts, his brand, his everything... he's had to begin thinking about what he's doing again. Becoming all too aware of the mechanics of his throw. Which is not good.

He's stepped outside his zone of optimal performance. But when it becomes natural once again, and we seen a glimpse of that with a 100+ avg in last week’s Premier League, we will no longer be talking about a has been.

Oh. I want to wish all the Irish players the best of luck in this week’s UK Open, along with DPC players Conan Whitehead and Tony Broughton. Promises to be a roller coaster weekend of action! 

"Image courtesy of Sturart Miles/ FreeDigital Photos.net


Meet Aidan

Aidan has been a fan of darts since a young age, although he didn't pick up his first set if arrows until he was 23. In that time, Aidan has been dedicated to finding out what it takes to become a professional. He plays with two club teams in his County in Ireland.

Aidan documents his ups and downs of improving his game, and explores some of the unknown, yet crucial elements of darts such as nerves, confidence and much much more.


Aidan teamed up with the Darts Performance Centre ahead of his battle with Raymond van Barneveld, a relationship which he admits has "helped me to focus on certain areas that needed improvement, and the support from Paul and Andy guarantees will make you a better dart player".

Aidan throws a 23g DPC Elite Performance dart. He loves to tell people that he has now lost count of the amount of 180s he has thrown. His highest checkout in a competitive leg is 130, and the closest he has come to a perfect leg was two maximums before crippling under pressure to finish out with a 15 dart leg.


His plan is simple: to be a Pro! Follow his journey right here!

Aidan welcomes any feedback, advice or questions. You can find him on twitter:

@A_Farrelly or email: throwlikeaprodarts@gmail.com

Author: Aidan Farrelly ( throwlikeaprodarts@gmail.com )

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