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Aidan was at the World Grand Prix last night talking darts with the winners!

Aidan's Dublin Diary - Jones, Pipe and Painter

Posted: 07.10.13 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

Aidan was at the World Grand Prix last night talking darts with the winners!

Aidan Farrelly will be chatting exclusively for the Darts Performance Centre with the winners from each Round One tie in this year’s PartyPoker World Grand Prix in Dublin. We want to know how each player approaches the treacherous double start competition, how they compose their nerves, and any other performance related tips along the way.

Wayne Jones

“Sometimes I play 301 and I break first dart. As long as you break that’s the main thing. I was pleased with my finishing. The scoring was indifferent.

“When I was throwing, I thought it was consistent, better than what the averages would say. I was throwing quite nice. I could have done with a few 140’s and a few more 180’s. You have to get away first dart or else you give your opponent a head start.

“I have had a horrible year. Four weeks ago, I was qualifying for nothing. I wasn’t in this, the Players Championships, the World Championships, and I probably wasn’t playing next year because I wouldn’t have had the money to do it. Suddenly, I have woken up and I think I am in everything now.

“It’s a funny game darts isn’t it?

“I don’t have a clue. I have put a stone on and am totally unfit and playing well. I lost the weight and was throwing terrible.

“It’s all about the confidence isn’t it? It’s about winning games. The past four weeks have been superb. My confidence is sky high at the minute. I wasn’t here a few weeks ago, so anything I did today was a bonus. Hopefully I play a bit better than that in the next round.

“Before I went to Barnsley I didn’t pick up a dart all week. I didn’t practice or anything and I threw the best darts of the year. I really feel good. I have never been a stage player really; I’m more of a floor player. I’m just delighted to get through.”

Darts Performance Centre Analysis

Wayne Jones seems baffled by his in and out form. Losing weight will have an impact on your throw, as will putting on weight.. Remember what happened to The Power when he lost a lot of weight? Jones’s rather haphazard approach is working at the moment but it is not a long term solution to darting consistency.

Justin Pipe

“The finishing was good. And that’s really important.

“It took me nine darts to get away at the start and that was tough. It took some time to adjust to the light up on stage compared to the practice boards. I think that showed. But I’m happy to come away with a win.

“Nerves are always an issue. The first round is always the hardest one to win.

“I am defending £10,000 this weekend from a Pro-Tour win two years ago. With that win tonight, it was massive because I have defended that money. A little bit of that is in your mind. I can get in to the competition now and play darts.

“Two years ago, I would have mentally crumbled. Now, I have taught myself to dig in, and pull this out of the bag. We were both telling ourselves that. That’s the difference, I think I have matured as a player on stage. I know how to push on and fight now.

“I prepare for a Pro Tour weekend just the same as a TV Tournament. I think if you slack any, or practice any different to that, you won’t turn up when it matters.

Kevin Painter

“No one is looking at averages in this tournament, because they count for nothing. It’s about winning the game. Job done.

“When it’s only first to two sets, you have to win the first one. It’s vital. Otherwise you are putting too much pressure on yourself.

“People say we all practice on our doubles. We don’t. We just play our normal game. We expect to get off. You think you have to get straight in, and in that game I don’t think I missed at all.

“I can settle down now. Everyone is a bit edgy in the first round. We are all good players here, there are some tough games around. I just wanted to get past this first round.”

Darts Performance Centre Analysis

Not sure Painter is talking for every one when he says players haven’t been practising their doubles. He is right of course that they are all good players and they should expect to get off the mark quickly. But, as we have seen already, what the good players expect is not always what they get! The Artist did play well last night, 56% strike rate on all the doubles he attempted so his strategy is currently in fine working order!

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Meet Aidan

Aidan has been a fan of darts since a young age, although he didn't pick up his first set if arrows until he was 23. In that time, Aidan has been dedicated to finding out what it takes to become a professional. He plays with two club teams in his County in Ireland.

Aidan documents his ups and downs of improving his game, and explores some of the unknown, yet crucial elements of darts such as nerves, confidence and much much more.


Aidan teamed up with the Darts Performance Centre ahead of his battle with Raymond van Barneveld 12 months ago, a relationship which he admits has "helped me to focus on certain areas that needed improvement, and the support from Paul and Andy guarantees will make you a better dart player".


Aidan throws a 23g DPC Elite Performance dart. He loves to tell people that he has now lost count of the amount of 180s he has thrown. His highest checkout in a competitive leg is 130, and the closest he has come to a perfect leg was two maximums before crippling under pressure to finish out with a 15 dart leg.



His plan is simple: to be a Pro! Follow his journey right here!


Aidan welcomes any feedback, advice or questions. You can find him on twitter: @A_Farrelly or email: throwlikeaprodarts@gmail.com


Author: Aidan Farrelly ( throwlikeaprodarts@gmail.com )

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