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Details of our members tournament and the other events planned!

Members Only Tournament & Darts Workshop

Posted: 21.02.13 in Coaching Night and Members Tournament category

Details of our members tournament and the other events planned!


The 2013 Darts Performance Centre Members Championship and Darts Workshop

After much talk we have organised our inaugural Darts Performance Centre members only darts tournament! But that is not all! We are also planning a darts work shop where members can meet me and Andy and some other guests we are inviting along. If that is not exciting enough there is an Open tournament the next day with £1000 up for grabs!

Darts Performance Centre members Championship

The tournament is being held on Friday 22 November 2013 from 6pm – 11pm. The event is open to members only (all competitors must be full members as of the date of the tournament). We will hold a singles knockout competition, best of 5 legs.

The winner will receive the Darts Performance Centre trophy and the title of Darts Performance Centre Champion. There will also be a trophy for the runner up.

Blind Pairs

Depending on numbers we will also be holding a blind pairs tournament. Best of 5 legs. The winners will receive the Darts Performance Centre pairs trophy. There will also be a trophy for the runner s up.

Darts Workshop

We will have the video analysis kit set up on the night. Depending on numbers who are interested in we may have to have a draw to select members for a session. But, if you do miss out we can still get everyone on video in super slow mo for self analysis or a report from us at a later date.

We have some other ideas too for some other guests to put on sessions or workshops in other areas of darts related skills. This is work in progress and details will be announced as things progress and we start getting an idea of numbers.


£ 0.00 – Yes zilch, nothing, a freebie and a way of saying thanks to our members-although you are allowed to tip Mr H after your video session ! 


It is vital for our planning that we have an accurate forecast of who is coming along. Please book via the Darts Performance Shop. You will be charged 1p but that will be refunded.

News and updates will be published on the site and our forum.

Venue, Transport and Accommodation

The event is being held in the New Milton Memorial Centre in Hampshire. New Milton is on the main South West Trains line and the venue is just a few minutes’ walk from the station. As the venue is on the main line this does open opportunities accommodation wise. Bournemouth and Southampton (and anything in between is just 30 minutes away max. We will start adding some links for accommodation soon.

The Darts Performance Centre 2013 New Forest Masters Sponsored by Red Dragon

The following day we are hosting the New Forest Masters at the same venue as the member’s only event. There is £1000 for the winner and prize money down to the last eight. There is also a plate competition in the event should the unthinkable happen and a Darts Performance Centre member goes out in the first round. Entry fee is £10.00 (£9 if you use your members discount code)

There are more details about this event here

Hopefully as many of you will get along as possible, I do realise that this is not going to be feasible for our non UK members (except from Ireland of course) but it will be great to meet as many of you as possible and for us to continue in our mission to help you play better darts in a “real” environment not a virtual one!

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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