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Details of our Elite Performance darts!

Elite Performance Darts

Posted: 16.02.13 in Darts Product Reviews category

Details of our Elite Performance darts!

Our original Performance darts and our second design the High Performance darts have proved very popular with dart players of all standards. We have had a huge amount of fantastic feedback.

We are always looking to evolve our darts and of course listen to what dart players tell us they need. Hence the third member of the Performance Darts family has arrived!

The Elite Performance dart is our original Performance Dart with the grooving and microgrip extended higher up the barrel. A number of players liked the extended grip on the High Performance darts but wanted a uniform grip up the barrel, so here it is!

We don't do packaging at the Darts Performance Centre, we prefer investing our money in producing a high quality set of darts that we can sell at a reasonable price, this strategy is environmentally friendly too.

The Elite Performance darts do come ready to fly though! They are supplied with a set of white medium dimplex stems that have their own story. They have been designed using golf ball technology as their inspiration, the idea being that they reduce drag for a truer flight. We have matched these up with a set of matching white standard dimples flights. 

They are available in 23 grams only at the moment from our Darts Performance Centre shop or our EBay store.




Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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