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We asked a number of players to test out our hand warmers. First to respond was Leigh...

Product Review - Hand Warmers

Posted: 01.02.12 in Darts Product Reviews category

We asked a number of players to test out our hand warmers. First to respond was Leigh...

Darts Performance Hand Warmers Report

We asked for some volunteers to test out our hand-warmers and report back on how effective they are. First person to respond was “The Panda”.  Leigh is in a Local Pub Team (The Anchor, Hazel Grove, Stockport)


Leigh “The Panda” Bresnahan

Darts – 18g Nodor

Best Leg– 14 darts

Highest Kill – 154 (T20 T18 D20)

Still chasing a Competitive 180 though


I received a sample pack of hand warmers from the Darts Performance Centre after speaking with them about cold fingers and how difficult it was to throw darts. The problem is you can’t hold and throw the dart as well as you normally would when your fingers are at normal temperature. This is mainly due to the lack of sensation in the finger tips, that’s what I find anyway.

I opened a hand warmer about 30-40 mins before my game as it says 20-30 on the packaging but I thought I would warm my fingers up before I play and I must say the warmer felt very nice. They get warm and stay warm and fit very nicely into your pocket. My plan was in between throws to just stick my hand in my pocket for a few seconds and hey presto, instant heat.

As I only play for a Pub Team our games don’t last too long, the format is best of 3 sets so on average our games would last roughly 30ish minutes.

The Hand Warmer generates heat for approximately 8 hours which I was unsure what to do with it for the extra 7.5 hours of use! After I played my game I decided to pass it round my team and we all used it and they all felt that it was a genuinely good solution to a problem that many people do have.After our game (which we won 6-1) it kept my hands warm as I slightly swayed my way home.  All round a genuinely quality product. Thanks for reading my report.

 The handwarmers are 99p for a pack of 2. You only need one per game. Discounts are available the more you purchase!




Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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