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The World Championships are here and so is our preview!

15 Deadly Wins

Posted: 15.12.11 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

The World Championships are here and so is our preview!



Another tournament already! Well not just another tournament, it is the PDC version of The World Championships that starts tonight. A total of 72 players from 24 countries including for the first time players from Portugal, Malaysia and Serbia are competing.

As darts fans we are spoilt, aren’t we? The brilliant Players Championship only finished a few days ago and we are already being fed more darts. One of the seven deadly sins is gluttony. The seven deadly sins are essentially rules of how not to live your life, the origins of which date back thousands of years. It did cross my mind whether there is a risk of over consumption of darts.  Can you really have too much of a good thing, especially when it’s World Championship darts you are discussing? 

“The Power” would argue that when it comes to the Worlds then an emphatic no would be the answer to that question. He has greedily gobbled up fifteen championships and he is still not satisfied. His pride has taken a hit after being dethroned by the King in Doncaster and of course the “interviewgate” saga! He has the desire and lusts after another title. All his darting adversaries will feel the Taylor wrath as he tries to win back his crown.

However, as Doncaster proved the usual gang of four (Taylor, Wade, Lewis and Barney) were superseded by some new and not so new darters on the block (Painter, Webster, Rand and Newton).  This should mean Taylor should not have it all his own way and Adrian Lewis is of course defending his title so there is even more motivation for Jackpot (if you actually need any more for a World Championship)  to retain his crown.


What’s in it for the Darts Performance Centre other than to watch the race to the title? Well the first paragraph should give you a clue. The globalisation of darts is a fascinating process and the players from the twenty four different countries competing have sparked our interest. Tonight for instance Scott Mackenzie is representing Hong Kong and has a preliminary game against Paul Barham, a PDC youth tour player.  The winner will play The Wanderer in the last game of the night.  

What a fantastic example of the globalisation of darts and the innovation of darts the Mackenzie/Barham game is! I will just have to set my darting diet to one side and feast my eyes on what should be a fantastic tournament.


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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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