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Night two of our UK Open darts blog. We have darts tactics for spectators, jelly and a player who finds keeping a straight face his winning formula!

Wibble Wobble Wibble Wobble Dart Players on the Oche

Posted: 02.06.11 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

Night two of our UK Open darts blog. We have darts tactics for spectators, jelly and a player who finds keeping a straight face his winning formula!


Tactics in Darts

Wayne Mardle dismisses the need for tactics in darts in this month`s Darts Monthly magazine. “I always think if you’re good enough you’ll win”. Fair enough! However, I found the opposite to be true last night. 

I positioned myself left of centre to board four, a classic viewing position. At one point I had “Hendo” V “The Warrior” in front of me, qualifier John Bowles dismissing “The Force” to my left and Kevin Painter getting irate with a cameraman for having the cheek to film his demise against Dennis Ovens on my right. Although fair play to “The Artist” he took his defeat with good sportsmanship at the bitter end. A quick glance over my shoulder and I could see Whitlock V Stompe and the scoreboard for all the other games.

Most definitely winning tactics!

Can Dart Players Defy the Law of Gravity?

I was hoping to meet up with my bio-mechanics buddy Andy Humphrey last night at the darts but I’m glad he couldn’t make it! Why? Because watching rising star Sam Hill last night would have given him a sleepless night.

I had a perfect view from my vantage point to focus on the technique used by the players. When Sam throws either of his first two darts his back leg is dangling in the air. On his third dart, however, it lifts up a fraction of the height it reaches with the first two darts because he sets off in pursuit of his last dart as if he is racing it to the board. Has anyone mentioned this to him?

We met a smashing young lad at a coaching clinic we held in Eastbourne, he did exactly the same thing.Watch the video below.  It is crucial to keep your feet anchored to the ground; Andy Humphrey has written an excellent article on Dart Players and The Centre of Gravity. It is available to members of our website and also our darts coaching video analysis site. The main point he makes is:

“When throwing darts it is important to have a stable base from which to throw. After all you would not build a house on a foundation made from jelly. It may sound ludicrous but that is exactly what some darts players do. Not build a house with jelly foundations but throw from a wobbly base.”

With the summer approaching most dart players think about having break from darts! We are hoping our coaching site will flourish. What a great time of year to hone your new technique, you have plenty of time to get it right before darts emerges from its summer slumber! A report of your throwing technique is £19.95.

Video Link

The Qualifiers

We have been firmly on the side of the qualifiers this week and they have done brilliantly. I watched Andrew Gilding beat “The Hammer” last night. It’s a shame Sky are obsessed with the top ten. It’s the FA Cup of darts but you don’t see the minnows?

Andrew G as "the penny drops" I've won!

Andrew Gilding is box office. His expression doesn’t change from one throw to the next. I defy anyone to work out if he threw a 180 or a 3 just by looking at his face. This calm, focused emotionless state seems to work well for him; I hope you get to see the man in action today!

How many qualifiers will make it through to the next round? Vote now!



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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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