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We have Dutch Masters making a bid to be champions and admire a `mental routine` from Chissy!

PDC and BDO Darts World Championship - Darts Blog 12

Posted: 03.01.11 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

We have Dutch Masters making a bid to be champions and admire a `mental routine` from Chissy!


What Brilliant Players!
Gary Anderson and Adrian Lewis did well too! However, I was referring to the amazing amount of talent on show at Lakeside yesterday. The BDO are usually seen as the “poor relations” in the darts world. It appears though that they have a few of the darting equivalents of Ming vases stashed away in their attic. There are certainly some “Dutch Masters” who look capable of bringing a new golden age to Darts in the Netherlands.
Willy (he certainly did) Van de Wiel, Joey Ten Berge and Jan Dekker kept the orange light burning and “Smudger” Smith. A mentally tough “Chissy” and a high quality performance by Stuart Kellett (all players are 30 or under) let the young Dutch stars know they will not have it all their own way in Frimley Green this year. We haven`t even seen Scott Waites yet!
We have seen a changing of the guard at the PDC over the past few weeks, it appears the BDO are going through a similar scenario.
Chissy”, You Rascal!
The Darts Performance Centre found an ally we were not really expecting to yesterday. Dave Chisnall provided a mature performance to come from behind to defeat Steve West. Clients of the Darts Performance Centre will know already we are admiring “Chissy” taking a short mental break before taking on a double. We advocate such an approach, not just for doubles, but for the fat numbers too, we even have a practice game dedicated to this routine. It worked a treat for the popular BDO star and we look forward to seeing more of the “Chissy Routine” over the next week.
Jolly Boys (and girls) Outing
I am off to Lakeside today with Junior Darts Analyst and she can`t wait either. Are we ready? We sure are and I will report back tomorrow.  

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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