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We tuck in to balti`s, the shocking decision making of the err crowd and `nippers` who rarely miss double 3

Hot and Spicy and `Model Dart Players`

Posted: 21.11.10 in Tournament Analysis Blog category

We tuck in to balti`s, the shocking decision making of the err crowd and `nippers` who rarely miss double 3


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Grand Slam of Darts Day 8

I missed most of the action yesterday, during the day I was at the Petersfield Under 21 tournament (more of that later) and in the evening I kept in touch with the action from Wolverhampton subliminally via the West Midlands famous addition to the vast curry portfolio, the balti, and oh yes, the action at Wolverhampton was as spicy as my curry (move aside IceMan, you can`t out pun me) I caught an interview with Beaton and picked up a few tweets so that is what I am working on.
Stevie B
What can other players take from Beaton`s performance last night? The one thing I have noticed about Beaton is he is business-like, he appears on stage, not just against Taylor, with one purpose in mind, to win a darts match.  It seems to me that some players (Ronnie Baxter the other night) cannot detach themselves from their `friendship` and admiration for `The Power` not even for a darts match. Ronnie welcomed his old mate on the stage the other night, larked around with some `joke` glasses and then got humiliated 10-1. I didn`t see the start of the match, but I bet you a slap up balti in Wolverhampton that Beaton didn`t involve himself with any of these shenanigans.
The Crowds Decisions Were Shocking
When a football team lose a football match these days it is not ever their fault. The manager’s tactics cannot be called into question, never! Every player gave 100% (or 500% if you play for Harry), the preparation was meticulous and, if it hadn`t been for one person, victory would have been theirs. Who is this spanner thrower?  The referee of course, the man behind every defeated football team.
It would seem that there have been some very unlucky dart players this week. Their preparation has also been meticulous, their tactics perfect and they also gave 100%. The reason for their defeat? Swap referee for crowd. We discussed the skill of reflection earlier in the week, the art of analysing your performance objectively and the key word, honestly. Perhaps after the players pointing the blame at the crowd have a proper amount of time to reflect (not straight after a bruising defeat) the crowd will be forgiven.
I believe the children are the future
What an inspiring day at Petersfield Chris, Carl, Martin and Terry hosted a perfectly planned tournament, with a stage, MC and scoreboard as well as young people of all ages playing, chalking and supporting. There were some authentic `model players` (smaller versions of the real thing), one little chap had to avoid going for double tops, because he couldn`t quite stretch to get his dart out when he hit it, he was a demon on the double 3 mind! Once again, well done to the coaches at Petersfield and congratulations to Ellie Hughes, Luke Goddard and Jack Marriner for picking up the awards in the Girls, Under 16 and Under 21`s competitions.

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Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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