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We put a call out to get some sponsors for the Brazil World Cup Team! Here is who answered the call!

Team Brazil Sponsors

Posted: 17.05.18 in Team Brazil category

We put a call out to get some sponsors for the Brazil World Cup Team! Here is who answered the call!

Meet Our Sponsors

Dartshop.it  Position 2

DartStore.it is an Italian darts shop that was born in 2004 from an idea of two brothers with a big passion for darts. First of all we are darts players that love this game and we know the game needs and we are continually looking for darts and accessories that can improve the game experience.

We directly import from leading global darts company to offer all innovative products to all Italian darts player. If we have the pleasure to meet you in a darts tournament somewhere in Italy, you will understand that our passion for this wonderful sport is your guarantee for what we offer on our store.

Website Link: https://www.dartstore.it/

M2P - Position 3

MP2 is a consulting company, focused on project management to improve productivity of its clients. Areas of expertise: Marketing & Customer service.

Catrdromeda - Position 4 on Diogo's shirt

Catdromeda Accounting is a new firm founded upon a commitment to offer a personal and professional service.

We work alongside both companies and individuals providing them with key financial information they need to make decisions by providing advice through the preparation of financial accounts, personal and business tax returns.

Website Link: http://www.catdromeda.co.uk/

S.A.D.C. - Position 6

The South American Darts Corporation is promoting darts in South America under the banner of the PDC!

Website Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/JDB.SvenCostaSchneider.Profissional/

Darts Performance Centre - Position 4 on Bruno's shirt

We are the management company of Diogo Portela! We offer a video coaching service and make the Performance Darts (amongst other things!)

Website Link: http://www.dartsperformancecentre.com/ 

PDC - Position 1 and 5

Author: Paul Gillings ( paul@dartsperformancecentre.com )

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